I have added search options in the left sidebar so that you can search by:

  • Bible Character
  • Bible Event
  • Bible Location

If you are looking for something which should be there (check my website status), please let me know and I can add it 🙂

One thought on “Design change complete

  1. webmaster Post author

    I have changed the “Search by Bible Character” into “Search Men of the Bible” and “Search Women of the Bible”.

    I have removed the “Search by Bible Location” search option. This became too difficult to maintain and to add all the various locations of the Old Testament.

    Presently, I am manually adding each cross-reference item that can be searched on. I am doing this as I complete each section of the Bible. I have not provided a search capability where you can type a word and search on it – there are a lot of websites that provide that capability. Presently I do not want to increase the size of my web server by adding all the scriptures to my database.

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