I have completed 1 Samuel, which is mostly about David’s life prior to becoming king.  In the future, I will document David as King of Judah, and then King of ALL Israel.

Here are some of the highlights about David prior to becoming king:

  • Samuel anoints David as King (this is when David is a young shepherd)
  • David serves in King Saul’s court as a harp player
  • The battle between David and Goliath – you know who wins!
  • Jonathan (Saul’s son) and David become best friends
  • King Saul repeatedly tries to kill young David. Although David ends up on the run from King Saul, David never hurts the king, even when he has the opportunity to do so.
  • David marries Michal, and then Abigail and Ahinoam.
  • David has many sons.

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Last Modified: February 28, 2024