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I have been able to update the Site Map for this website.  Even with only having a small portion of the Bible completed, the Site Map was quite large – over 200 rows! It is nice to see the big picture of how all the diagrams and scripture pages fit together (what I call the hierarchy), but it is a lot to sift through when you are looking for something specific.

So now when you go to the Site Map, you will have 2 options:

  1. Show All – which will show the entire hierarchy (all the diagrams and scripture pages and how they fit together).
  2. Show Top Levels – which will show just the high levels of the hierarchy.  By clicking on the buttons, you can expand or contract various legs of the hierarchy as you are interested in the content

I also added a scroll bar, so when you are viewing the hierarchy in its entirety, its easier to maneuver around on the page.

Note that the Site Map does not include the pages which you can get to from the top navigation bar and left side navigation bar, since they are accessible from every page within the website.

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Last Modified: February 28, 2024

One thought on “New Site Map

  1. webmaster Post author

    I have removed the “Show All” option of the sitemap because this website is getting so large and the entire hierarchy is too long to scroll through. This option basically expanded all the legs of the sitemap with one click rather than requiring you to click to expand each leg. I may add this back in the future, but have removed it for now.

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