With Who Summary Scripture
Noah &
animals on ark
  • Never again destroy all living things
  • Never again flood to destroy the earth
  • Sign of the covenant - Rainbow
Genesis 8:20 - 9:17
(75 yrs)
  • Call to follow God
  • Father of a great nation
  • Will be blessed and all the families of the earth will be blessed through you
  • Given the land of Canaan
Genesis 12:1-3
(85 yrs)
  • Will have a son
  • Will have many descendants
  • Descendants will be slaves for 400 years
Genesis 15
(Sarai's servant)
  • You will have many descendants
  • Ishmael will be wild
Genesis 16:9-15
(99 yrs)
  • Father of many nations (Ishmael born when Abram was 86 yrs)
  • Abram is now called Abraham
  • I will always be your God and the God of your descendants
  • Given the entire land of Canaan
  • Circumcision is man's part of the covenant
  • Sarai is now called Sarah
  • Sarah will give birth to a son - you will name his Issac
  • Covenant is with Issac not Ishmael
Genesis 17
(after Issac born
& Sarah wanted Ishmael to leave)
  • Ishmael's descendants will become a nation
Genesis 21:13
(after asked to sacrifice Issac)
  • Will have millions of descendants who will conquer their enemies
  • All nations of the earth will be blessed through your descendants
Genesis 22:15-18
  • Don't go to Egypt
  • Given the land
  • Numerous descendants
  • All nations of the earth will be blessed through your descendants
Genesis 26:2-5
  • Given the land
  • Will be a great nation
Genesis 26:24
(heading to Haran)
  • Numerous Descendants
  • Given the land
  • Will bring you back to this land
  • Protection
Genesis 28:13-16
(in Haran)
  • Return home
  • I will be with you
Genesis 31:3
Jacob (Israel)
  • Jacob named Israel (by an angel)
Genesis 32:28
  • Move to Bethel
  • Build an altar
Genesis 35:1
  • Jacob named Israel (by God)
  • Will be a great nation
  • Given the land
Genesis 35:10-12
  • Move to Egypt
  • Great Nation
  • Will die in Egypt
Genesis 46:3-4
(burning bush)
  • Rescue Israelites from their oppression in Egypt
  • Egyptians will give you gifts (silver, gold, fine clothing) as you leave Egypt
Exodus 3:8 and 3:20-22
  • Free you from Slavery
  • Redeem you with mighty power & great acts of judgment
  • Make you my own special people
  • Will be your God
  • Will bring you into the land I promised your forefathers
Exodus 6:2-8
Israelites The Law - The Old Covenant
  • Make you My Special Treasure
  • Make you my Kingdom of Priests
  • Make you my Holy Nation
  • Israelites must obey God and all He has commanded

  • Ten Commandments

  • Perform wonders never done before
  • All people around you will see MY awesome power displayed through you
  • Will go ahead of you and drive out all those living in your promised land
  • Israelites must obey all the commands God gave them
Exodus 19:5-6

Exodus 24:7

Exodus 20:1-17

Exodus 34:10-11 and 34:27

  • Ordained for service of the Lord
Exodus 32:29
Numbers 1:49-53
Phinehas (grandson of Aaron)
  • Peace
  • Permanent right of priesthood
Numbers 25:12-13
Eli (brother of Phinehas & grandson of Aaron)
  • Covenant broken with Eli's family
  • They will all die at a young age
  • End of Eli's family's right to priesthood (not Phinehas's)
1 Samuel 2:30-36
Joshua & Israelites
  • Built a Memorial in the camp (Gilgal, east of Jericho)
  • Built a Memorial in the middle of the Jordan River
Joshua 4
Joshua & Israelites
  • Circumcise the 2nd generation of Israelites
  • End of manna to eat
Joshua 5:2-12
Joshua & Israelites
  • Built an Altar & Presented Offerings to God
  • Read ALL of God's instructions to EVERYONE
Joshua 8:30-35
  • Agreed to never abandon the Lord to server other gods
  • Agreed to serve and obey the Lord
Joshua 24:16-23
  • Israel broke their covenant with God
  • So the LORD did not quickly drive out or allow the people living in the promised land to be conquered
Judges 2:2-3, 2:20-23
Tribe of Levi -
Eli's Branch
  • God had promised that Eli's branch of the Tribe of Levi would always be His priests
  • God revoked that promise - No longer will Eli's family serve as God's priests
1 Sam. 2:30-34
  • Ark of the Covenant represented God's presence with the Israelites
  • Special Ephod worn only by the priests
  • Urim & Thummim, worn by the priests, used to ask counsel of the Lord
Deut. 31:24-26, Judges 20:26-27, 1 Samuel 4:3-5,

Exodus 28:6-14, 1 Samuel 30:7-8,

Exodus 28:30, Numbers 27:21
to be continued ...

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