About the Author

Hi! I am the author and webmaster of this web site.

This website is the product of many years of personal Bible study. I am not a pastor, nor have I been to seminary or Bible college. I am a lay person with a passion for the Bible, God's Word.

The Bible Roadmap is intended to help you see the "big picture" of the Bible and how all the various Bible stories that you've heard in the past all fit together.

As you click on the boxes, you go deeper and deeper into an area of the Bible. It's like zoom'ing in each time you click on a box because the scope of the next diagram is more details about the box you clicked on. Depending upon the area, there will be more or fewer levels until you get to the actual scriptures.

I have a background in developing computer systems. During the analysis phase, we typically employ a technique called 'business process modeling'. I used that technique to form the structure of the diagrams and the various levels.

I wanted a visitor to be able to search and find specific people, events, or locations that they may remember from a Bible lesson in the past. The search buttons on the left sidebar allow you to do that.

As I studied the Bible, I found myself constantly drawing diagrams showing who was related to who. I have include those in this website. I did not use resources other than the Bible to complete these genealogies.

I used the New Living Translation for the scriptures because that is the translation that helps me really understand what God's Word is telling me. I prefer the King James Version for memorizing scripture, and the NIV is typically what is used to preach from. Please check other versions as you come across scriptures that interest you.

The concept for this web site came out of my Bible studying. I had originally drawn these diagrams in Word, then PowerPoint, and now on the web. I like to see the 'big picture' and see how the various people and events relate to one another.

I created this website using XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and Ajax.

Please check out the Bible Roadmap Blog and let me know what you think of the website.

My prayer is that you are blessed with this website and can learn more about God the Father, Jesus Christ the son, and the Holy Spirit as you study the Word. Allow the truths in the Word to build your character and make you more like Jesus.


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